Hot off the press!

iView Learning is constantly evolving and changing, and this week is no different. We’ve just added 17 new tutorials for Sonocent’s Audio Notetaker V5 for Windows.

What is Audio Notetaker?

Sonocent Audio Notetaker enables students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties to overcome their struggles with note taking. With the software, students can capture everything in lectures as an easily editable recording, and highlight the key moments using ground-breaking speech-visualisation technology. To build richly detailed study resources, students can also add slides, diagrams, photos of practicals, reference material and text notes right alongside the related sections of their recording.


Watch the short video below to discover how Audio Notetaker transforms learning outcomes. Then work your way through the videos opposite to learn about the most effective way for students to use the software.



The following videos have been added;

  • How to change the Font Colour
  • How to change the pitch of a recording
  • How to colour chunks and sections while recording directly into Audio Notetaker
  • How to display the timecode
  • How to edit the colour key
  • How to export an Audio Notetaker project as a video
  • How to extract text from a slide
  • How to format text in Audio Notetaker
  • How to get text spoken aloud
  • How to import an image
  • How to practice for a PowerPoint presentation using Audio Notetaker
  • How to record audio from your computer’s speakers
  • How to split and merge chunks of audio as well as trimming the silence between audio chunks
  • How to use the Audio Link function
  • How to use the capture function
  • How to use the Truncate feature

See one of our new videos in action below:

How to colour chunks and sections while recording directly into Audio Notetaker