Pro-Study Tutorials now available!

A brand new module for iView Learning is now available, for Pro-Study the research and organisation software.

What is Pro-Study?

Quickly capture important information and images from Web Pages, Journals and Articles. Categorise research into personalised colour coded topics with all the referencing info. Build a library of useful information with links back to the original sources. Export your collected research straight to Microsoft Word or import into a Mindmap. Store your priceless research on your computer and online in the members area. Effortlessly manage and organise multiple projects within the Pro-Study database.

The following videos have been added for Pro-Study;

  • How to add a new project
  • How to capture text
  • How to capture images
  • How to bookmark web pages
  • How to drag and drop whole files
  • How to preview a project
  • How to manage projects
  • How to backup and restore
  • How to create a new reference style
  • How to export to Word
  • How to export to the Cloud
  • How to create a mind map from a project
  • How to use the keyword filter
  • How to use colour overlay

See one of our new videos in action below:

How to export to Word