New Year, New Course!

iView Learning is constantly evolving and changing, and 2019 is no different. We’ve just added 29 new tutorials for TextHELP Read&Write V12 for Windows, featuring our new Interactive Video technology too!

What is TextHELP?

Read&Write is in use daily by millions of students to support them with their reading, writing and studying. The software contains an excellent set of literacy tools to help improve comprehension and accuracy of written work. The software gives extra confidence to students with dyslexia and other literacy difficulties. It’s also a big confidence booster for English Language Learners and anyone who needs a little extra help with their reading and writing. The DSA Student Pack means each student has access to all the popular features of Read&Write on whichever device they choose to use during their studies.

The following videos have been added;

  • Trainers’ Tips for Texthelp Read&Write
  • Using the Toolbar
  • How to show and hide the Texthelp ReadWrite toolbar
  • How to change the colours and the style of the toolbar
  • How to turn the launch at startup function on and off
  • How to read text in Microsoft Word
  • How to read from an Internet page
  • How to change the speech options
  • How to speed up and slow down the voice using the keyboard
  • How to read a PDF document
  • How to use the screenshot reader
  • How to change the pronunciation of words
  • How to check for spelling and grammar errors (3mins 5sec)
  • How to find the meaning of a word in the dictionary
  • How to use the Pop-up Dictionary
  • How to tint the colour of your screen
  • How to use the Reading ruler feature
  • How to underline the line you are typing on
  • How to tint the line you are typing on
  • How to change the page colour
  • How to underline your mouse pointer
  • How to convert a PDF document to Word
  • How to scan text from your scanner into a Word document
  • How to use the word prediction feature
  • How to save text as an audio file
  • How to highlight information using the coloured highlighters
  • How to collect highlights
  • How to make a list of new vocabulary
  • How to add a voice note to a Word document
  • How to access help videos from the Texthelp Read&Write toolbar

See one of our new videos in action below:

How to use the Reading Ruler Feature