New Name, New Look

Along with the new name comes a new appearance, we have improved the user interface which is much more intuitive with a fresh new look and feel, the new look is modern and up to date and we have worked hard to improve the student experience.

iView Learning includes a new setup procedure which prompts the user to favourite their recommended assistive software before they begin to use iView Learning. Upon completion of the new set up process all of the student’s software will populate their home page, this will commonly include and showcase the software that they have been recommended and supplied through their DSA order.

However, iView Learning is flexible, the user will have the ability to access all of the software content available and this can be tailored to suit each individual student. Should new relevant software programs become introduced in the future within the duration of their course, or the student receives new software or adjustments to their DSA package along the way, they can simply add software to their favourites from the iView Learning library.

App-solutely brilliant

In addition to accessing iView Learning via the browser-based software, we have released a new APP which is compatible with Android devices, and coming shortly to IOS devices. This will allow the student to login with the same credentials as the browser-based login which they use for their laptop or PC desktop.

All of the student’s favourite courses and videos will appear exactly the same regardless of the device they use for iView Learning. The app comes as a great addition for all users allowing them to get the answer to their question wherever they are, without having to use a mouse and keyboard.

Streamlined Service

Requesting a quote for iView Learning now couldn’t be easier, we have decided to discontinue the supply of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year subscriptions. We have standardised this creating one product, therefore, should you require a quote, all you need to do is request iView Learning.
iView Learning will be supplied to all students to cover the full length of their course, they will also receive our live chat facility for the duration of their course. After which time, the videos, PDF’s and the use of iView Learning will end but can be extended if necessary.
The new price for iView Learning will be £85 (course long*) effective from Monday 1st October 2018, this software can be supplied by any one of the Assistive Technology Service Providers (ATSP’s) approved by DSA QAG. All students who currently have access to the Wyvern Training Portal will be upgraded to iView Learning free of charge.
(*Course long default is 5 Years)

Summary of Changes

  • New Name Change
  • New Design of the User Interface
  • Improvement of Student Experience
  • New Tool Tips
  • New App
  • New way of Quoting
  • New Standardised Price

Contact us to see a demonstration

We would be delighted to visit you to show you iView Learning in person, answer any questions that you may have and demonstrate the software together with the forthcoming interactive tutorials that we are developing. We will be contacting you directly, or via your centre manager to arrange to visit you at your convenience.

Following all demonstrations, we can offer a certificate of attendance and a free copy of iView Learning. We would also like to use this as an opportunity to explain future developments and gain your feedback on changes that we have made so far.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to arrange a demonstration or should you require any further information in the meantime, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Contact: –
Luke Hockham
Andy Price