New Features Available!

In one of our biggest updates yet, iView Learning has added a host of next-generation, multi-sensory, Interactive Tutorials.

Spread across a variety of Modules, our new Interactive Tutorials focus on key aspects of the Assistive Technology, and help to reinforce user learning, allowing you to review the topic covered in the tutorial, complete the task for yourself, and then take a test at the end to ensure you've completely learnt the topic.

With a multi-sensory approach, you can hear and see what to do, and by completing the task yourself, it helps all users to LEARN the purpose of the tutorial.

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New Skills

Interactive Tutorials!

Each interactive tutorial consists of the original tutorial video, which you can LOOK and LISTEN to but broken down so that you can actively ENGAGE in the task to ACHIEVE the desired outcome, followed by a test of this new skill to REINFORCE what has been learnt to ensure you've picked up this NEW SKILL.

Interactive Demo

Available Now!

We've picked the most important topics for the following Modules to give Interactive Tutorials, allowing you to pick up and establish the important skills for each piece of software.

Just look for the interactive icon here for the interactive tutorials in each Module listed below.

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Software Icon Vectors_Audio Notetaker

Audio Notetaker

Software Icon Vectors_Claro

Claro Read

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Software Icon Vectors_MindView


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Olympus Sonority

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TextHELP Read&Write